Allen St. John
3 година преди (2015-06-04 11:26:23)
A+ Customer Support
Kudos to the folks over at https://www.hostvirtual.com/. I noticed my servers were unreachable, so I opened a support ticket. and I got a reply that they were aware of the issue and in less then thirty seconds services were restored. I like that they were on the ball and one of the staff had time to respond to me almost instantly.

They have good service and they support many different OS ( I run Gentoo on my servers ). If you are looking for hosted servers give them a shot. They have some pretty good plans to!
Allen St. John
3 година преди (2015-06-04 04:40:52)
Linux & Logitech
Really wish there was better support for the G13 and the G510 under linux...
Allen St. John
3 година преди (2015-06-03 04:18:18)
Изображение / снимка
Allen St. John
3 година преди (2015-06-03 04:09:08)
New Friendica Server!
Woot New server setup!